The SIE format is a Swedish open standard for transferring accounting data between different software produced by different software suppliers. SIE could be used to transfer data between software on the same computer, but also used for sending data between companies, for example between the company and the accountant. Due to the fact that the SIE standard is so well spread in the software business it has become a de facto standard for transferring accounting data. You can read more about the SIE format on the official website.

In summary, if your are using a Swedish accounting system its very likely that you have encountered a SIE file (a type of text file). A SIE file (including all accounting entries/transactions for a financial year) can easily be exported from an accounting system. However, it is not as easy to analyze the data. I have built a macro that offers you a very simple way to import and convert SIE4 files into structured Excel files with I/S and BS accounts as rows and the financial year’s months as columns (refer to the image below for an example).

SIE4 to excel

Please visit this page for informtion on how to download and start using the macro. Enjoy.