Excel to SIE4

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This is a solution to create a SIE file from an Excel file. If you instead want to convert a SIE file to a structured format in Excel, check out this page instead.

I have developed an Excel VBA macro to convert an Excel file to a SIE4 file (a sort of text file with “.SI” as filename extension) that you can import to your accounting software. The macro offers you a very simple way to create your SIE4 files.

You can use the tool in different ways depending on your needs. Maybe you want to streamline the bookkeeping work by creating all journal entries in Excel and import a batch of journal entries (i.e. a SIE file) to your accounting software instead of creating each journal entry manually in the accounting software.

The tool supports journal entries (Sw: “Verifikationer”), opening balances (Sw: “Ingående balanser”), dimensions/objects (e.g. projects, cost centres, cost bearer etc.) and monthly budget.  Refer to the images below for some screenshots.